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About Us

Monsbey College is a private institution, operating as an exempted as per Section 94874(f), in Watsonville, California. The college is envisioned and started by people having national and international experience in health, education and technology. The goal of the Monsbey College is to provide as many educational opportunities in the medical and technical fields to our students as possible. Monsbey is looking forward to create and offer the best training programs well suited for the people in the community.


Monsbey College Stands for Your Educational and Career Needs...


Our certified instructors and local externships offer fast and affordable training to employment opportunities as Nurse Assistant, Home Health Aide, Pharmacy Technician, Clinical Medical Assistant, EKG Technician, Billing and Coding Specialist, Medical Administrative Assistant, IC3 Digital Literacy and Microsoft Office Specialist- Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Outlook, OneNote.

We are one of the Licensed Training Provider & Authorized Provider for American Red Cross programs.

We also offer foundation courses for those seeking to continue their education as professionals in other medical fields as well as NCLEX-RN, LVN Review & Test Preparations.

Monsbey College is affiliated with the following agencies to offer different Certification preparations:
Ÿ California Dept. of Public Health (CDPH)
Ÿ American Red Cross
Ÿ Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB)
Ÿ National Healthcareer Association (NHA)
Ÿ California Certifying Board of Medical Assistants (CCBMA)
Ÿ National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT)
Listed on:
Ÿ California Board of Nursing’s NCLEX Review Resources
Testing Center:
Ÿ American Red Cross (Licensed Training Provider & Authorized Provider)
Ÿ National Healthcareer Association (NHA)
ŸCalifornia Certifying Board of Medical Assistants (CCBMA)