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Certified EKG Technician Program

This 60 hours self-paced program is designed to prepare the student to become a Certified EKG Technician.Preparation includes classroom instruction and supervised laboratory training to match the syllabus from National Health Career Association (NHA) and/or National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT).

Theory classes and laboratory sessions may be held at the College.


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Duration: 60 Hours (Theory & Practical)

Day Program: Friday (11:00 AM – 3:00 PM)

Fees: $1000 ($200 Non-Refundable Registration Plus $800 Tuition)

Other Expenses : Personal


Upon successful completion of the program the students may acquire skills and knowledge necessary to operate machines that record the electrical activity of a patient’s heart.

Benefits to obtaining an EKG Technician Certification may include: more job opportunities,
an increased pay scale, job security, and increased subject matter expertise.

Upcoming Programs (Please contact the office for registration)

Certified EKG Technician - TBA

(Class may start early if the number of students meet the requirement. Please contact the office asap.)

Occupational Outlook - Certified EKG Technician